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Cloverchat Episode 28-State Ambassadors and YELLO

On this episode Cloverchat Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors Hallee, Lacey and Hannah interview fellow ambassadors Antonio, Kaitlyn, Echo and Adri about their State Amba...

Cloverchat Episode 27-California 4-H

Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador Ebrahim, Lacey, Hallee and Hannah interview California 4-H State Ambassadors Sanjana, Michaela, and Tejas. They chat about what is uniqu...

Cloverchat Episode 26-Juanita Reed-Boniface

On this episode of Cloverchat the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors chat with the founder of the State Ambassador program Juanita Reed-Boniface. Juanita talks about how ...

Cloverchat Episode 25-Alaska 4-H

Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors Hallee and Lacey interviewed Alaska 4-H members Kate, Sylvia, and Yaquina about what 4-H is like in Alaska. 

Cloverchat Episode 24-Minnesota 4-H Alum Rachel B.

Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors Lacey, Ebrahim and Hallee chat with Minnesota 4-H alumni Rachel Boyle about her 4-H experience and how it has led to her career in publ...

Cloverchat Episode 23-State Ambassador Leadership Team-Jessica

In this final episode of season 3 of Cloverchat, State Ambassador Leadership Team member Jessica gives her thoughts and reflection on her 4-H leadership journey.

Cloverchat Episode 22-Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Opportunities (YELLO)

In this special episode State Ambassadors Megan and Evelyn interview 4-H Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Opportunities(YELLO) leadership conference attendees L...

Cloverchat Episode 21-State Ambassador Leadership Team

On this episode State Ambassador Megan chats with her fellow leadership team members Nalani and Jess about what is was like being a part of the State Ambassador Leader...

Cloverchat Episode 20-State 4-H Director, Dr. Jennifer Skuza

State Ambassadors Megan and Arabelle interview Minnesota 4-H State Director, Dr. Jennifer Skuza.

Cloverchat Episode 19-Minnesota 4-H Agricultural Ambassadors

On this episode of Cloverchat State Ambassadors Megan., Evelyn, Arabelle and Misty learn about Minnesota 4-H Agricultural Ambassadors from Ilan and Jayma who are both ...

Cloverchat Episode 18-What is 4-H like in Florida?

The Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors interview two members of the Florida 4-H State Council to learn more about what 4-H is like in Florida!

Cloverchat Episode 17-Why Join 4-H?

The State Ambassadors chat about why and how you can join 4-H!

Cloverchat Episode 16-Youth Talk about Gender Identity

State Ambassadors Victoria and Rachel along with Joe Rand, Extension educator & Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility, Dianna Kennedy, Extension edu...

Cloverchat Episode 15-The journey to leadership a youth perspective

This podcast explores the journey to leadership through the youth perspective as we hear stories from two MN 4-H State Ambassadors. They also discuss the important ro...

Cloverchat Episode 14-Dan Patch Award

Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador Hope interviews the 2021 Dan Patch award winner and first and second runners-up Kassidy, Paige and Caleb. These three 4-H members share ...

Cloverchat Episode 13-4-H Ambassadors

State Ambassador Paige chats with Minnesota 4-H members about the different types of 4-H ambassadors available in Minnesota.

Cloverchat Episode 12-Outdoor Adventures

State Ambassador Harlie chats with Shooting Sports and Wildlife Ambassador Rosa about Minnesota 4-H Outdoor Adventures.

Cloverchat Episode 11-Finding Your Spark

State Ambassadors Riley and Nalani talk about their what their spark is in 4-H!

Cloverchat Episode 10-State Ambassador Reflection: Mariah

State Ambassador Leadership Team member Mariah reflects on her time in 4-H and as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador.

Cloverchat Episode 9-State Ambassador Reflection: Aubrey

State Ambassador Leadership Team member Aubrey reflects on her time in 4-H and as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador.

Cloverchat Episode 8-State Ambassador Reflection: McKayla

State Ambassador Leadership Team member McKayla reflects on her time in 4-H and as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador.

Cloverchat Episode 7-YELLO

The Minnesota State Ambassadors are excited to tell you about Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Opportunities also known as YELLO! This exciting 4-H state leader...

Cloverchat Episode 6-True Leaders in Service

Learn more about True Leaders in Service from former State Ambassador Megan and current State Ambassador Anita!

Cloverchat Episode 5-4-H & the Pandemic Part 2

State Ambassador Natalie interviews 4-H staff Becca and Amber about how they have adapted 4-H programming during the pandemic.

Cloverchat Episode 4-4-H & the Pandemic

State Ambassador Natalie chats with local 4-H Extension Educator Kristi from Martin County and Douglas County 4-H member Averie about what 4-H has been like for them d...

Cloverchat Episode 3-BLU & TEEL

Learn about youth leadership workshops Building Leadership & Understanding (BLU) and Teens Engaged in Emerging Leadership (TEEL) that will take place virtually in Febr...

Cloverchat Episode 2-Youth Teaching Youth

Learn about youth teaching youth, a cross age teaching program!

Cloverchat Episode 1-What is 4-H?

Learn a little bit about Minnesota 4-H from Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors Aly, Kylie and Paige!

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